Why choose an alternative engagement stone?

Alternative engagement rings for that not-so-cookie-cutter gal.

What does “alternative engagement ring” mean?

Alternative engagement ring can have different meanings depending on the bride to be.  Sometimes it can be hard to pin down but if you know she appreciates uniqueness and a stone that’s locally sourced, then we have some options for you.  

Basically, she knows what she wants and it’s not that mass-produced look that you’ll find at the mall or traditional jewelry stores.

At Montana Gems and Sapphire Jewelry, we have a nice selection of alternative engagement rings featuring our Montana sapphires.  We love the look of a gorgeous Montana sapphire set in a unique alternative setting.  We can find a stunning local gemstone to complete a traditional style wedding ring or we can design something that really shows off your inspiration.  These options can include  non-diamond engagement rings, gemstone rings, vintage-inspired designs, modern styles and just straight up jaw droppingly unique statement rings that no one else will have.

Whatever style works for your bride or groom, we’re here to help. You can’t get more unique than a ring that literally no one else has. And we name it after you. Browse our custom engagement rings for inspiration, learn about our custom design process, and then contact us to start your dream ring.  Payment plans are available.