Tear Drop Yogo Studs


Tear Drop Yogo Studs. In this pair of gorgeous Montana sapphire stud earrings you will find yourself memorized by the light-blue coloring of these Montana Yogo sapphires in a simple stud setting. These Yogo sapphire earrings are perfect for that first pair of earrings or for those seasoned earing wearers. These Montana yogo sapphire earrings are created in sterling silver with an anti-tarnish finish.

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Tear Drop Yogo Studs. This pair of gorgeous Yogo stud earrings are dainty and sophisticated. They show off the light-blue coloring of traditional Yogo sapphir blue.  These Montana yogo sapphire earrings are created in sterling silver with an anti-tarnish finish.  The violet hues of the Yogo sapphires are quite different than your standard Gem Mountain sapphires. These little Montana sapphire earrings are stunning enough to wear on a night out on the town but practical enough to wear to a soccer game. Here at Montana Gems we strive to keep our Yogo sapphire prices affordable for everyone.

These Montana yogo sapphire earrings are sturdy for everyday wear. Montana Yogo sapphires are the birthstone of September. Here is a Montana sapphire dangle earrings with a little more to them.

On the Mohs Hardness Scale sapphires fall just under diamonds.

Found in only one location in the world, Yogo sapphires come from the Yogo Gulch, located in The Little Belt Mountains of Montana. These precious gemstones are not treated the same as “normal” Montana sapphires. Yogo sapphires do not require any type of heat treating, they get their sought after cornflower blue coloring from a blend of aluminum and oxygen with titanium. With titanium being the source of their blue. Some yogo sapphires can have a purple hue to them, which you don’t find very often.

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